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Sonny Tapia

My name is Sonny Tapia, and I will tell you how and why I started Sportsmen For Heroes foundation. My dad wanted me to go into the military, but as a little boy my dream was to become a hunting guide. So the military took a backseat to my dream. When I graduated I became a professional hunting guide, and it’s what I still do today!!

Let’s just say that my dream came true, and I not only became a hunting guide, I also became an owner of an outfitting service.  I’m proud to say a Dam good one at that!!! I have had the privilege to meet some awesome people and see and hunt some awesome country all around the United States and Mexico. About 12 years ago I had the opportunity to guide some young boys and girls for a foundation that catered to terminally ill kids who wished to go on a dream hunt. That changed my life forever! After a few years of that I changed my direction toward wounded vets. I have partnered up with some

awesome organizations who’s mission was vets, and mobility impaired kids. After doing some of their hunts and meeting these awesome heroes, I couldn’t go a year without donating my time talents and resources. That pushed me to start my own foundation so I can put my personal touch to each hunt and try to make these men and women believe that they belong in this world. After spending time with these wounded vets and mobility impaired kids, I guess you can say I have seen it in color, which most of us only see it in black and white. So all I can say is that I have been blessed that I haven’t had to go through what they have and are still going through. So for me this is the least I can do for

those who have given so much so I didn’t have to go into the military and instead could become a professional hunting guide. I encourage all you people that haven’t lifted a finger to help out or even appreciate a soldier to take the time to shake their hand, buy them a meal, or simply thank them for there service. They have done and seen more than most people will ever imagine. So to all you military men/women out there we SALUTE you... May God watch over you and bless you....

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